A Time to Write

Posted on January 06, 2017

I’ve thought about writing and maintaining a blog for many years, but it just never seemed like the payoff was going to be there for me. Every month, or few weeks, or few years, I would tell myself “this would be great blog content, if…”

But then the feeling would pass. I would tweet, or post to facebook, or get distracted. Maybe the world was denied some nugget of wisdom, maybe everyone was spared the trouble. I may never know.

So what changed?

It’s a valid question, and one that I feel does not lend itself to a straight answer. I think it’s rooted in wanting to explore writing as an avenue for self growth. I don’t necessarily have more to say now than at any prior time, but perhaps I feel like saying it will help me more than keeping it to myself.

I’ve flirted with writing in many forms, from building curriculum at Apprend, to editing technical documentation, to offering not-so-filler filler copy when drafting client projects. I want to break out of my old habits of trying to create something technical and useful with every line I write (though a boy can dream) and go through the steps of putting myself in other people’s shoes so that I write things you may want to read.

It’s time to write. Wish me luck.